My birth; thankfulness and appreciation

beschuit-met-muisjesI was initially scared about the process of giving birth. Almost all stories I had heard were pretty frightening! When I learned about the role that a doula can have during pregnancy and childbirth, I felt I could use some of that help and guidance, so I discussed it with my partner. He was a bit skeptical at first, thinking that his role in the birthing process would diminish with the presence of a doula. However, after one meeting with Tami, this skepticism was completely gone!

By guiding us with her expertise during the creation of our birth plan and by showing us many helpful techniques and tools to prepare for giving birth, Tami enabled me and my partner, both during the pregnancy and during birth, to transform the birthing process from something frightening into something that now is a very precious memory to us. Tami had such a big role in ensuring that everything went smoothly, and that we were well prepared and informed.

I learned how to trust my body and follow my instinct. Thanks to Tami’s presence and help, we found ourselves to be calm and positive. During labor, I was very much helped by Tami’s advice on breathing and pressure techniques, and she enabled my partner to fully participate and be helpful in a way that we would not have figured by ourselves! Thanks to the fact that Tami and my partner were there for me and helped me substantially, I was calm and in control all the time. We worked together as a team and even the hospital staff realized how well things were going and let me live that moment the way I wanted. I gave birth naturally, without the need of any drugs, and I have such good memories of those hard hours of teamwork and the way our little boy arrived into this world.

Thank you very much, Tami, for being with us during such an important, unique and special moment in our lives! Thanks to you we could live it in the way we envisaged it and we could welcome our little boy with smiles and without fears…. We will never forget it.

Much love, Silvia & Sid (and Alessio, of course!)